Gary Cole defends both adults and juveniles against all Florida state criminal charges.  He is committed to defending your rights in an aggressive and responsive manner.    

Personal Time and Attention Dedicated
to Your Specific Legal Needs

Gary provides personalized service to help you cope with the stressful and traumatic experience of a criminal charge.  He understands the difficult position in which the prosecution often places you and your family.

Gary will take the time to fully discuss the scope of your legal matter and help you decide what the best legal options may be. That is why he is always available to answer questions you or your family may have.

Representation Provided at All Stages in the State Trial Court, Including:

  • During an investigation and prior to arrest
  • After arrest, including arraignment or seeking bond reduction
  • Through the criminal discovery process, including deposing the prosecution’s witnesses
  • Gathering information helpful to your case
  • Filing the necessary pre-trial motions including motions to exclude evidence
  • Throughout trial and afterwards including filing post-trial motions

Representative Cases

The Law Offices of Gary Cole handles all types of cases, including:

- Theft and Property Crimes
- Drug Possession, Sale or Trafficking
- Domestic Violence
- Murder and Violent Offenses
- Simple Battery/Aggravated Battery
- Sex Offenses
- Criminal Traffic Offenses
- Suspended License
- Sealing/Expunging Criminal Records
- Racing/Reckless Driving
- Computer Crimes
- Fraud
- Probation matters
- And More

We will employ the services of other professionals including private investigators, mental health experts and substance abuse experts as needed.

Questions? Contact us today for a free consultation. We will send you free written information about our qualifications, experience, and services before you make any decisions regarding your representation.

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